SDNA convention postponed to July

Wednesday, March 18, 2020

   Yesterday the SDNA Board voted unanimously to postpone next month's SDNA convention to July 9-11. The convention will still be held at The Lodge at Deadwood.

   Overriding concerns for everyone's safety and health obviously were key in making this prudent decision now. July 9-11 is the only late-week time frame available during the summer months at The Lodge at Deadwood. Rescheduling the convention to another time within this calendar year means that we will not incur any penalties or change fees in our contract with the hotel.

    We hope to maintain the convention program similar to what we had planned for April as best we can. We have been in contact with keynote speaker Ken Paulson and believe that he will be able to attend in July. SDNA contest results will be held until the July convention. All in all, we expect to have an excellent program ready to go for July. Let us hope that by then all of us are able to exhale and enjoy.  

    If you have booked a guest room at The Lodge, please be sure to contact the hotel and cancel or change your reservation. The summertime guest room rates are higher because of peak tourism season in the Black Hills and we are working with The Lodge to mitigate those changes as best possible.

   Thank you to everyone for your understanding and patience. 

COVID-19 information update

Monday, March 16, 2020

   Dear SDNA Members:

   We are in unprecedented times right now and it appears we will be for some time to come. The COVID-19 pandemic is affecting all of us in many ways beyond just the serious health threats that it poses.

   Providing our readers and residents in our communities with important, credible up-to-date facts and information about the pandemic is incumbent upon all of us as journalists. Our role in keeping citizens properly informed is now more important and necessary than ever before.  

   I encourage you to promote the South Dakota state government’s website about the pandemic in your newspaper and online. The website is:

   Yes, the news must go on, but please be sure you are doing all you can to protect your employees while they are working. The state’s website has useful information and guidelines for businesses. Please don’t hesitate to contact the SDNA office if you have questions or are looking for resources that may assist you.

   In the meantime, be safe and careful as you go about the business of providing your readers and community with news and information. They are counting on you!


   Letitia Lister

   SDNA President

   President & Publisher, Black Hills Pioneer

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