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Press Release Distribution


SDNA can distribute your news release and other PR materials to all South Dakota news outlets (newspapers and broadcast outlets) within minutes.

Contact SDNA ( to get started. The fee to distribute a news release to all S.D. news outlets is only $75.00. (Discounts available for multiple releases. Click HERE to submit payment online. (Please indicate "Press Release" when asked for invoice or order number.)


Tips for an effective news release:

  • What are the most important facts and key points you want to communicate? Identify and include key information in your first paragraph. Consider the 5 Ws when summarizing: who, what, when, where and why.

  • Keep news release concise and straight-forward. Ideally, between 200 and 500 words at most.  

  • Write a brief headline that grabs attention and indicates what the release is about.

  • Include contact information so an editor or reporter knows who to call. Include: contact name, title, email address, phone number, address.

  • Include images (graphics, photos, etc.) only if relevant or pertinent to the information in the news release.


Do you need help preparing a news release? We can assist, for a fee. Contact for more information about news release prep and writing assistance.

Clipping Service

Track news and information from all South Dakota newspapers through clipping services provided by Newz Group. Or call Newz Group at 1-800-474-1111. Clipping services available for other states as well.

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