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South Dakotans depend on their local community newspaper
to keep them informed and connected.


Here are the facts:


  • Every month, 574,000 consumers – or 83% of South Dakota adults – read the local newspaper in print or online.

  • Who reads South Dakota newspapers? 79% are under the age of 65. 63% earn at least $50,000 annually. 63% are homeowners. And 41% have children at home.

  • South Dakotans rely on the local newspaper as their primary source of news and information about their communities, including government and school news, sports news, health care news and more.

  • More than two-thirds of South Dakotans use local newspaper advertising to help them decide what brands, products and local services to buy

  • The local newspaper is the most trusted source of information for public notices, such as city council and school board proceedings.

  • Newspaper readers are leaders. 8 out of 10 South Dakota newspaper readers believe they have a responsibility to shape the future of their community and are most likely to be civically involved in their community.

The South Dakota Newspaper Association commissioned Coda Ventures, an independent research and consulting firm, to conduct a survey among South Dakota adults in 2021. The survey included responses from 446 completed interviews.


South Dakota Newspaper Association represents more than 100 weekly and daily newspapers.

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